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Sharp Investments is an independent, fee-based Registered Investment Advisory firm, regulated by the state of Oregon, providing personalized portfolio management to individuals and small businesses through direct investment in common stock and bonds. We specialize in retirement accounts including:







Sharp Investments also manages many other long term portfolios. Our philosophy is to use aggressive value investing in common stock to create wealth and conservative value investing to preserve wealth. Sharp Investments creates client returns by minimizing expenses through deep discount brokers and maximizing the odds of outperforming the stock market over long investment periods. For further information on how we work with our clients, please see our prospectus.

Established in 1995 in Portland, Oregon, Sharp Investments now has clients in ten states and three foreign countries, and is licensed and bonded. Our goal upon founding the firm was to treat clients' money as if it were our own. Our portfolio managers are cautious when warranted and aggressive when warranted, in spite of conventional wisdom. We also minimize expenses whenever possible, and the principals of the firm have all of their long term investing assets in the same securities owned by clients. We make money when you make money!

We publish Sharp Investing, an educational quarterly electronic newsletter (or e-zine) written by our chief portfolio manager, Daniel Sharp. Archived newsletters are available on the Company Information page. Other articles on various subjects, such as "Investing for Your Retirement", are also available there, as well as our Company Prospectus, and other forms and literature. We also have a sample of a consolidated Sharp Investments statement, which has the benefit of showing clients an overview of all their investments on a single page if they have multiple long-term investment accounts (IRA, Roth, joint, SIMPLE, etc.).

Sharp Investments is licensed in Oregon and prior to conducting business in any other state the firm will ensure that all licensing requirements or exemptions from licensing are met.

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