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Triple Treat Investing | Dividends Are In!

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December 2003

Issue 37- The Mutual fund Scandals; Who's Looking Out for You?

September 2003

Issue 36- Dividends are In!

May 2003

Issue 35- Self-Employed Retirement Plan guarantees high returns

February 2003

Issue 34- The Bush Investor Relief Plan - good for Value investors

November 2002

Issue 33- Let the Buyer Beware - Becoming a Better Business Owner

September 2002

Issue 32- Don't Jump! The Great Panic of '02

May 2002

Issue 31- Really Safe, Part II and new Retirement Plan limits

February 2002

Issue 30- Is your 401k Really Safe?

November 2001

Issue 29- War, Recession, and the Stock Market

August 2001

Issue 28- Gloom & Doom: Overdone or Justified?

May 2001

Issue 27- Will Lightning Strike Twice in Tech Stocks?

February 2001

Issue 26- The Old Economy will save the New.

November 2000

Issue 25- Wipeout! Tech stocks get their Just Desserts.

Starting with this issue, newsletters are in PDF format. Need Acrobat Reader? Get it here.

August 2000

Issue 24- Investing on the Internet

Hot links to useful investing websites

April 2000

Issue 23- Playing with the Wrapping Instead of the Gift

Focusing on the ignored sectors of a technology driven market

January 2000

Issue 22- Warren Buffett Speaks
Warren Buffett talks about the level of the stock market

October '99

Issue 21- Y2K, Prepare or Panic?
Strategies for handling your money
as we approach Y2K

July '99

Issue 20- Value Investing:
Dinosaur or Slumbering Giant?

 April '99

Issue 19- Why Value Investors are Different:
Lessons from Warren Buffett and
Where the Value is Now

January '99

Issue 18- A Tale of Two Markets:
How 50 Giant Companies have
Overshadowed a Mediocre Market

September '98

Issue 17- The Bear is Here:
Why Smallcaps Will Come out on Top

Investing in smaller companies
plus a Roth IRA update

June '98

Issue 16- Internet Investing:
Level Playing Field or Information Overload?

Using the internet for more
than just checking stock quotes

April '98

Issue 15- Lifeboat Drills:
How will you handle the coming bear market?

A analysis of how things
are not different this time

January '98

Issue 14- The Tail that Wags the Dog
The benefits and costs to the new Roth IRA

October '97

Issue 13- Conventional Wisdom: Truth or Consequences
Investing myths

June '97

Issue 12- Do Trees really grow to the sky?
Market cycles

March '97

Issue 11- Selling Strategies: When to Sell a Winner
Selling winning stocks

December '96

Issue 10- What to Expect when You're Expecting
Setting investing expectations

September '96

Issue 9 - How to Beat the Market like a Rented Mule
(part II) - Beating the Market

June '96

Issue 8 - How to Beat the Market like a Rented Mule
(part I)- Beating the Market

April '96

Issue 7 - The Big Bad Bear
Bear markets

January '96

Issue 6 - Playing Monopoly for Keeps
Warren Buffett

September '95

Issue 5 - Shooting Where the Rabbit Was
Human nature in investing

June '95

Issue 4 - Hot Stocks for Cool Markets
Value Investing


Investing for Your Retirement
This article looks at various retirement plans, what kinds of investments to hold for retirement, and how to reach your investment goals for retirement.
Investing in Common Stock
This article examines the time tested long-term historically successful methods for beating the stock market.
SEPs - Low Cost Retirement Plans for Small Business Owners
This article shows the small business owner how to take advantage of the tax law and shelter away up to $22,500 per year in a retirement plan that lowers your current tax bill and grows tax-deferred.

Sharp Investments Press


Oregonian 9/7/03 "Triple Treat Investing"
Oregon Business Magazine 7/03 "Take a (tax) break"
Newhouse News Service, Spokesman Review and Star Ledger 2/02 - 3/02/03 "It's Time for Investors to Plot War Strategy"
Oregonian 11/28/02 "Investment Advisor sees Reasonable Market Growth"
Portland Tribune 1/31/03 "Take your 401k in for a tuneup"
Hillsboro Argus 9/12/02 "New Business Rules will Improve Accounting, Investment Integrity"

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